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Obituary of Ronald Eugene Judy

Obituary for Ronald Eugene Judy


Ronald Eugene Judy, 74, of Polk City, Florida passed away October 4, 2022, at Residence Polk City, Florida. He was born on December 12, 1947, in Lakeland, Florida to Robert Field Judy and Ella (Fussell) Judy.

Ronnie, as we all called him, lived a simple, but very rewarding life. He was married to his lovely wife Constance for almost 43 years before she passed this very month last year. In his younger years, he loved hunting a variety of animals, such as deer, hog, and rabbits. Ronnie also loved to fish in the water hole that was stocked with fish by his home. As he grew older, he became fond of just sitting by the pond near his house that was built in the area where he grew up. Here is where he enjoyed feeding the animals. There our family saw some of the biggest wild animals you'd ever see, because Ronnie fed them very well. Ronnie loved to wear overalls with no shirt, and he loved being barefoot. He lived a great life, and for those of us that he left behind, we will miss him very much.

He was preceded in death by both parents, and wife Constance.

Cremated remains of Ronald Eugene Judy will be laid to rest at Green Pond Cemetery in Polk City, Florida.

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