Mary Ann Joiner


Born in Scranton, Pa., the daughter of Valeria Lashinski Narusch and Francis Narusch. She was preceded in death by her parents, her husband Paul Joiner, her brother, Frank P. Narusch, and her son Frank J. Holderfield. She is survived by her sister, Anna Wrobel (Charles)of Factoryville, Pa. MaryAnn is also survived by 4 children, 10 grand-children, 12 great grand-children and a great great grand-child due in August. MaryAnn spent her early childhood in Pennsylvania and later young adult years in Alaska with her family. After marriage she relocated to Florida. She was a homemaker and later worked as a caregiver for the elderly in their homes until she retired. She always wanted to “be ready” with her hair fixed, and makeup and lipstick on when she went out and often received comments on what a classy demeanor and style she had. She loved animals and rescued and cared for as many cats as came to her door. She also loved to shop for and cook her own meals, and actively participated in that thru conversations with her daughter and son and the help of insta-cart since the pandemic. MaryAnn was an avid fan of Tampa Bay Devil Rays baseball and Tampa Bay Buccaneers football and knew many of the players names. MaryAnn never spoke an unkind word about anyone, even when she was mistreated. She loved and saw the good in everyone. She was compassionate, caring, sensitive, and so smart with an exceptional memory. She never had internet but tried to read the newspaper every day. She loved to talk and recall stories about her life with us and we loved to listen. She was loved and will be missed by her family, friends and community; and will never be forgotten. We often spoke about Christ and his love, faithfulness, mercy and grace for us. She believed in the gospel and would say she was of the catholic faith. She lived a long full life, full of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. She lived life to the best of her ability in the image and likeness of Jesus, may she finally rest.